THEORY: How do I choose colour combos?

This post answers the question: "How do I choose colours?" This pertains not only to balloon colours - but how to pick harmonizing or contrast colours for any project or design.

Let's first do a quick refresher on how colours are identified:

We have the 3 levels of colour differentiation: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary - these 3 levels are broken into 5 forms: Hues, Tints, Tones and Shades. Even though in practicality these terms aren't used when dealing with clients - it helps structure what colours go into particular combos.

There are many different strategies to choosing colours depending on the look you are going for - let's dive in.

There are 4 main strategies:

1. Complementary

2. Contrasting

3. Monochromatic

4. Triadic

COMPLEMENTARY - Colours which touch on the colour wheel any tint, tone or shade.

CONTRASTING - Colours opposite on the colour wheel.

MONOCHROMATIC - One colour with varying gradients of lighter/darker shades.

TRIADIC - Three colours equal distance apart on the colour wheel.

Having these colour strategies in mind helps structure our colour choices!

A great playground to dabble with colours is Adobe Illustrator or a free online site I use a lot: , it helps me visualize those scheme I either don't feel confident about or I've never tried to visualize before.

Please leave any questions or comments!

Happy colour combo-ing friends! :)



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